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Preparing for Resilience: Disaster Recovery Plans (3PL Perspectives October 2022)

Published October 07, 2022 by

Disaster Recovery PlansRenovoData was featured in the 3PL Perspectives publication (October 2022 Edition) with this article: Preparing for Resilience: Disaster Recovery Plans. 3PL Perspectives is a third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Read on...



RenovoData Trucking Customer Featured in Toggle Magazine

Published July 25, 2022 by

Ensuring Upgrades Work When the Rubber Hits the RoadA RenovoData customer was recently featured in this Toggle Magazine article, Ensuring Upgrades Work When the Rubber Hits the Road. George Lawman, Director of Information Technology at Decker Truck Line, discusses how they recently upgraded their IT Disaster Recovery with RenovoData. These enhanced services, along with other technology upgrades, make their business infrastructure more efficient and secure. Read on...



Fight Ransomware with Cyber Resiliency (3PL Perspectives June 2022)

Published July 09, 2022 by

cloud blog postRenovoData was featured in the 3PL Perspectives publication (June 2022 Edition) with this article: Fight Ransomware with Cyber Resiliency. 3PL Perspectives is a third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Read on...



Strengthen Your Cyber-Resilience with an Acceptable Use Policy (3PL Perspectives May 2022)

Published May 04, 2022 by

cloud blog postRenovoData was featured in the 3PL Perspectives publication (May 2022 Edition) with this article: Strengthen Your Cyber-Resilience with an Acceptable Use Policy. 3PL Perspectives is a third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Read on...



Cloud Backups Are Not Enough: It is the Support Behind the Cloud That Makes the Difference.

Published February 21, 2022 by

Cloud Backups Are Not EnoughWhen selecting a backup and recovery cloud provider, it’s wise to consider multiple factors, including expense and the level of available services. It is often the support that makes the difference. Read More.



Cloud Storage or Recovery Cloud: Which Solution is Right for Your Organization?

Published February 14, 2022 by

Cloud storage vs cloud recoveryMany companies don’t realize that having files backed up in the cloud is different from having a true, IT recovery solution. While having your data stored offsite is a wise first step, it’s nothing like having a team of skilled, compassionate humans available to help your business recover. Read More.



Leveraging Multi-Cloud Technology for Stronger Security

Published May 14, 2021 by

Multi-Cloud backups for added cycber securityMultiple cloud solutions can serve you effectively, but only if you fully understand their functions and integrate them properly. You are responsible for the security of your data, so you should take great care in blending disparate components into a smoothly performing whole. Learn about leveraging multi-cloud tech...



Tech Tips: What Your Backups Say About the Strength of Your IT Recovery

Published March 20, 2021 by

Don't pay ransomware. Have a recovery plan.Your organization likely has some degree of data backup which is a foundational element in creating a resilient IT infrastructure. However, backups are simply not enough these days to ensure a fortified environment with agile recovery capabilities. Learn about a better backup strategy for your company...



Know Your Security Vulnerabilities: The Danger Is in the Details

Published May 04, 2020 by

security vulnerabilitiesRenovoData was featured in the 3PL Perspectives publication (May 2020 Edition) with this article: Know Your Security Vulnerabilities: The Danger is in the Details"The Logistics Journal is a third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Read on...



Elements of a Business Continuity Plan in the Time of Pandemic

Published April 24, 2020 by

Elements of a Business Continuity Plan in the Time of PandemicThe COVID-19 outbreak may have caught the world off guard and will end and one day. The actions your company takes now will affect its future. For Guidance in planning your company's powerful response to the pandemic, please click on the link.



How Business Continuity Planning Basics Can Help During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Published March 20, 2020 by

Don't reinvent the cybersecurity wheelDuring these unprecedented times, many organizations are enduring business interruption and uncertainty like they’ve never seen before, but workaround procedures can be put in place to help. To learn more about continuity planning basics, click on the link.



When Disaster Strikes, Don’t Let Fight-or-Flight Interfere with Your Recovery.

Published February 12, 2020 by

Don't reinvent the cybersecurity wheel

When emergencies arise, people are thrust into fight-or-flight mode. At these times the speed, accuracy, and thoroughness of the team’s responses can mean the difference between a company’s survival and its destruction. Learn what to do when hacker assaults, weather events, or other catastrophes threaten your data and systems.



You Don't Need to Reinvent the Security Wheel

Published January 30, 2020 by

Don't reinvent the cybersecurity wheelEvery organization with an online presence is at risk of a cyberattack and effective protection against it must be well-planned out. You don’t have to reinvent the security wheel. Establish standards that will guide you.To learn more about how to protect your company click on the link.



Cloud Solutions are Not Created Equal. Differences Include Security, Privacy, Data Mining, and More

Published January 06, 2020 by

Cloud Solutions

RenovoData was featured in the 3PL Perspectives publication (December 2019 Edition) with this article: Cloud Solutions Are Not Created Equal. Differences Include Security, Privacy, Data Mining, and More...".  3PL Perspectives is a third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Read on...



Backup and Disaster Recovery - an Ideal Use Case for the Cloud

Published October 15, 2019 by

Backup and Disaster Recovery - an Ideal Use Case for the CloudEffective data backup and disaster recovery are imperative in our current technological environment. When disasters strike, whether through malicious cyber-attacks, natural events, or unforeseen accidents, systems and backed-up data need to be recovered quickly if the company is to avoid losses of productivity, performance, and reputation. Read more on the ideal use case for cloud...



The Cloud Can’t Eliminate Your Responsibility for Data Protection (3PL Perspectives September 2019)

Published September 13, 2019 by

cloud blog postRenovoData was featured in the 3PL Perspectives publication (September 2019 Edition) with this article: The Cloud Can’t Eliminate Your Responsibility for Data Protection.  3PL Perspectives is a third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Read on...



Even with the cloud, data protection is your responsibility

Published June 14, 2018 by

Head in the cloudsIn recent years, the cloud has become a major part of the IT landscape, bringing many benefits and a wide variety of options. In addition to virtually unlimited data storage, the cloud imparts improvements in speed, availability and user mobility. It carries significant financial savings as well, including cost cuts, on-demand capacity, and reduction of resources previously allocated to infrastructure and operations. Read the full Story.



Cyber Threats are multiplying rapidly.

Published November 07, 2017 by

Cyber SecurityYou can protect your Data with these three steps.

Cyber Security Threats are nothing new, but the recent explosive growth has become a global concern. News reports of such attacks have become commonplace. The September 20, 2017 issue of PC Magazine states that In the first half of 2017, there were 1.9 billion data items compromised worldwide, compared to 1.38 billion for the entire year of 2016.

While cyber-attacks against major corporations and governments make headlines, upwards of 70% of these breaches target small businesses, so every organization with an online presence is vulnerable. Learn (a lot) more...



Cloudy Thinking about Data Backup - Article Featured in the Logistics Journal, June 2017

Published July 05, 2017 by

Logistics Journal front cover April 2017Last month (June 2017), RenovoData were once again featured in The Logistics Journal. The article provides expert-level detail on helping 3PL and Trucking Companies to get a grasp on the realities of data backup and to avoid the traps of common misconceptions that often circulate. Learn more.



Eliminate Single Points of Failure: And Don’t Overlook the Cloud

Published October 05, 2016 by

single point of failureData protection is nothing less than business protection, and to be effective it must be as nearly invincible as possible. Yet even the most technically sophisticated organizations, those familiar with the fine points of data backup, can make a particularly dangerous mistake: not noticing a single point of failure. This means any significant part of a system that is without redundancy. If one major component ceases to function, it can set off a cascade of collapse and the system can stop cold.



Who needs disaster recovery if you’ve got data backup? They’re the same thing, right? No, they're not.

Published July 19, 2016 by

data back up vs data recoveryData backup is a vital component of a solid disaster recovery plan, but is only one part. Backup software is intended to ensure against data loss, but may not always perform flawlessly and does nothing to protect the operating system environment. Even with the best backup software and the most reliable offsite facility, the overall environment is vulnerable to severe damage unless a thorough disaster recovery plan is in place. Read more about the vital differences between data backup and recovery.



The Mythology of Data Backup

Published July 05, 2016 by

mythology of data protectionAs ubiquitous as sophisticated data backup has become, misconceptions about it are everywhere. These include widespread and mistaken beliefs about how backup works, what solutions are available, differences between vendors, and the risks companies run when choosing, installing and working with backup solutions. Two main reasons are the fact that backup technology never stops evolving, and the ballooning threat of hacker sabotage.  Read More...



Guarding Against Ransomware: Some Essentials

Published May 19, 2016 by

malware essentialsThe objective of ransomware is simple: using invasive encryption to extort money by holding an organization’s network and data hostage. But ransomware technology is far from simple, and it can inflict severe damage on businesses and institutions of any size.

Read "Guarding Against Ransomware: Some Essentials" now.



Essential Data and Systems Protection for the Modern 3PL & Trucking Companies - as Featured in the Logistics Journal, April 2016

Published May 12, 2016 by

logistics journal 2016Over the last decade, cloud backup and recovery options have emerged as a secure, cost-effective and reliable method of protecting increasing amounts of data a company generates daily.  However, some companies may have lulled themselves into a false sense of security as the measures they have put in place, while a step in the right direction, cannot fully protect all business functions in the event of a disaster or data loss event.  Read More.



Factors to Consider When Switching From One Cloud Backup Service To Another

Published April 12, 2016 by

switching back up serviceOver time, you may find that your current cloud-storage system is no longer meeting your needs as well as it had in the past. Perhaps you want better pricing or more features or a higher level of service. Whatever it is that is motivating you to shop around, you can take comfort in the knowledge that there are a great many options in today’s marketplace.



Ransomware: The Growing Threat

Published March 29, 2016 by

ransomwareBack in February, it was reported that Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital had become the latest high-profile victim of a cyber-attack.  Hackers had gained control of the hospital’s network and encrypted all patient records.... In truth, any company can be a victim of a ransomware attack.  All it takes, is a seemingly harmless or everyday email with an attachment.  So, what can corporations and institutions do to safeguard against these kinds of attacks?  Learn More.



Understanding the costs of downtime

Published March 15, 2016 by

What is downtime?

cost of downtime

Simply put, downtime is an interruption of your business. This interruption can be caused by a multitude of factors, both internal and external. How downtime affects your business is also influenced by the industry you are in, whether you are service-based, product-based, brick-and-mortar or online. Read more...



Data Backup Versus Server Recovery Solutions

Published March 01, 2016 by

Many business owners and “less technical” people in management think “data backups” are enough to protect their organization.  But when an outage occurs from equipment failure the recovery can be painful and take far longer than expected.  Read more.



I have my backups, now what?

Published November 02, 2015 by

During a recent conversation with a customer, I shared a quick, low cost way to speed up the recovery process. You see, we at RenovoData have their data backups but they are still running all their OSE’s (operating system environments) on bare metal servers. What this tells me is that sometimes people get busy and collapse two different levels of protection. In this case, we are talking data protection versus server recovery. Having the data backed up provides the ability to recover, but the speed of recovery is impeded by the process of recovering the server itself. Read More.



Single Point of Failure – What is it? Why it Matters…

Published June 10, 2015 by

What is a single point of failure? If you are running your company’s website from a single server and that server goes down, you are looking at a single point of failure.  If such a risk exists for your company, you will want to take steps immediately to reduce that risk. Read More.



Insider Attack: How Do You Protect Your Company Data?

Published May 13, 2015 by

Having a solid backup and recovery strategy is vital for today’s business environment. Traditionally, focus has been placed on external threats and natural disasters. However, recent data breaches have shown us the wisdom of recognizing potential weaknesses and threats from the inside. Read More.



Factors of Cloud-based Data Backup and Recovery to Consider for Legal Industry Professionals

Published May 06, 2015 by

Advances in technology, most notably cloud-based services, are changing how companies do business.  The legal industry, though not early adopters of cloud-based data backup and recovery applications, are now rapidly “coming up to speed”.  Included below are several questions to consider for moving the legal industry to the cloud... Read More.



Factors to Consider for Automated Replication via Private Cloud

Published April 22, 2015 by

Having confidence in your ability to recover your company’s data when it matters most comes from trusting in the backup and restoration processes. Your enterprise-class backup and recovery software should provide a complete range of features that ensure the maximum in reliability, security, manageability and affordability. Two important processes to ensure reliability in your recoverability strategy should include... Read More.



How Cloud Based Backups Can Improve Business Continuity

Published April 01, 2015 by

A company’s data is as vital to the health of the business as oxygen is to the human body. How quickly operations are restored after a data loss event could make or break the future of the organization. Read More.



Costs to Consider For a Cloud-based Backup Service

Published March 25, 2015 by

Many companies will discover that the total cost of ownership for a cloud backup and recovery system is significantly lower than traditional tape-based or other on-premise methods. Read More.



Critical Questions to Ask Your Prospective Cloud Backup Service Provider

Published March 18, 2015 by

Looking for a Cloud Backup Service Provider? You want to be proactive when it comes to protecting your company’s data. Read More.



The Challenges of Virtualization Backup and Recovery

Published February 25, 2015 by

At RenovoData, we believe that treating VM data protection separately from your overall data protection plan is not only a replication of effort but an inefficient use of resources. The backup, recovery and protection of data on virtual machines should be integrated into an enterprise-wide data backup strategy and practice. Read More.



Why Backup is Not Disaster Recovery

Published February 04, 2015 by

While most companies today backup at least some of their data, many of these organizations do not have a solid disaster recovery plan. Why is that? Some believe… Read More.



Recovery is EVERYTHING!

Published January 28, 2015 by

Organizations are backing up loads of data. With emerging trends such as big data and ongoing regulatory compliance pressure, data volumes have skyrocketed. This trend is projected to… Read More.



The Elephant in the Room: Endpoint Data Backup

Published January 14, 2015 by

If your company has employees that use a laptop, smartphone or tablet, then you’ve got endpoint data. Traditionally, the responsibility of backing up… Read More



What Are the Financial Advantages of a Cloud Backup Service?

Published January 07, 2015 by

I’m here to tell you that the financial advantages of RenovoData’s cloud backup service go beyond lower total cost of ownership. First, let’s recap some of the basics… Read More



Seven Benefits of Agentless Backup

Published December 24, 2014 by

Before we cover the benefits of an agentless backup, let’s touch briefly on the problem with agents. Read More...



Why Cloud Backup?

Published December 17, 2014 by

The modern business environment understands that the amount of data generated every day grows at an exponential rate. Without access to their data, businesses cannot function and a loss of data could lead to the loss of clients and reputation. Read More...



Comparing the Cost of a Cloud Backup Solution Against an Equivalent Tape System

Published December 10, 2014 by

This week, we are continuing our look at some of the questions our customers have when considering the switch from tape backup systems to solutions based in the cloud. Read More…



What Level of IT Resources Will Be Required to Setup and Maintain a Cloud Backup Solution?

Published November 26, 2014 by

For most companies, a cloud backup and recovery solution will eliminate, or significantly reduce, IT resources related to the mundane task of backup and allow your resources to be redeployed to more strategic projects. Read More...



What Assurances do I Need to Look For to Ensure a Reliable Cloud Backup Service?

Published November 19, 2014 by

You and your company will need to do some homework to ensure your cloud backup service provider will meet your business needs. Read More...



How Can I Ensure My Company’s Data is Available When and Where I Need It While Being Stored Offsite in a Cloud?

Published November 05, 2014 by

As you know, your company continues to assume liability for data security, even when shifting backup responsibility to a cloud backup service provider. Read More...



How Does Data Recovery Typically Operate with a Cloud Model?

Published October 29, 2014 by

In the past, data recovery has relied on tapes to backup and protect a company’s vital data.  Let’s recap some of the major problems with the tape backup: Read More...



What Are the Common Steps Required to Implement a Cloud Backup and Recovery Solution?

Published October 22, 2014 by

Each cloud backup implementation, like each one of our customers, is unique.  Cloud backup implementation takes into consideration the particular data protection needs of the organization… Read More



What does public, private and hybrid cloud actually mean?

Published October 16, 2014 by

The concept behind cloud technology has been around since the 1950s, but it didn’t become fully realized for several decades.  From 2008 to the present, cloud computing has gained ever-increasing momentum, as more and more companies adopt the strategy of maximizing the effectiveness of shared resources.  But not all clouds are the same. So what does public, private and hybrid clouds actually mean? Read More.



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