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Preparing for Resilience: Disaster Recovery Plans (3PL Perspectives October 2022)

Published October 07, 2022 by

Disaster Recovery PlansRenovoData was featured in the 3PL Perspectives publication (October 2022 Edition) with this article: Preparing for Resilience: Disaster Recovery Plans. 3PL Perspectives is a third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Read on...



Fight Ransomware with Cyber Resiliency (3PL Perspectives June 2022)

Published July 09, 2022 by

cloud blog postRenovoData was featured in the 3PL Perspectives publication (June 2022 Edition) with this article: Fight Ransomware with Cyber Resiliency. 3PL Perspectives is a third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. Read on...



Chuck Cook of RenovoData Moderated a Panel of Experts at the TIA 2022 Conference

Published April 30, 2022 by

TIA 2022 - Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats Impacting 3PLsAs the size and scope of cyberthreats continue to evolve, it is imperative that 3PLs take the necessary steps to protect themselves—and their customers. Read more and view the video.



Secure your Environment by Empowering your Employees: Implement an Acceptable Use Policy

Published November 15, 2021 by

Acceptable Use Policy for Employees for Better Data SecurityThe swelling trend of working from home coupled with the growing impact and frequency of cyber-attacks and data breaches has left organizations of all sizes searching for ways to improve their IT resilience and recovery capabilities from cyberthreats. One of the leading causes of cyberattacks is employee negligence. One of many steps to do to improve an organization’s security posture is for management to create and adopt an Acceptable Use Policy. Click on the link to learn more.



Don't pay the ransom. Invest in better recovery instead!

Published February 26, 2021 by

Don't pay ransomware. Have a recovery plan.While most types of malware attacks are leveling off in frequency, ransomware is on the rise. Ransomware costs for 2020 are estimated to have reached $20 billion for organizations worldwide. Don't pay the ransom, invest in better recovery instead. Learn better ways to better protect your company...



Cyber Threats are Multiplying Rapidly, Protect your data with these three steps

Published November 30, 2017 by

logistics journal november 2017The article provides expert-level detail on cyber threats and provides three steps that can help to protect your data..  Read more...



Cyber Threats are multiplying rapidly.

Published November 07, 2017 by

Cyber SecurityYou can protect your Data with these three steps.

Cyber Security Threats are nothing new, but the recent explosive growth has become a global concern. News reports of such attacks have become commonplace. The September 20, 2017 issue of PC Magazine states that In the first half of 2017, there were 1.9 billion data items compromised worldwide, compared to 1.38 billion for the entire year of 2016.

While cyber-attacks against major corporations and governments make headlines, upwards of 70% of these breaches target small businesses, so every organization with an online presence is vulnerable. Learn (a lot) more...



RaaS Makes it Possible for Anyone to Kidnap your Vital Data - Logistics Journal Sept 2017

Published October 10, 2017 by

logistics journal sept 2017In September 2017, the Logistics Journal ran an article, written by RenovoData.  The article provides expert-level detail on Ransomware as a Servics (RaaS) and how it can affect 3PL and Trucking companies. Read the extract or full article.



Remember the name: Petya

Published July 27, 2017 by

petyaThis vicious ransomware variant is inflicting damage on a global scale.

Ransomware has been with us for some time and its damage is spreading. A recently arrived and extremely dangerous breed is wreaking a new level of havoc around the world. Known as Petya, it attacks Windows-based file-sharing services via email, locks users out of their networks, and demands Bitcoin payment for restoration of data. Learn More about Petya ransomware.



With RaaS (Ransomware as a Service), anyone can hold your data hostage

Published June 15, 2017 by

New do-it-yourself cyber-extortion kits make it easy.

ransomwareSince its invention in the mid-2000s, ransomware has become the world’s premier cyber-security threat. Typically gaining entry to a system via bogus emails or notifications, this malware enables criminals to capture a system’s data and demand payment for its release.  Read More...



Protecting 3PL and Trucking Companies: Ransomware - as Featured in the Logistics Journal, July 2016

Published August 15, 2016 by

RenovoData Ransomware articleIn July, RenovoData again were featured in the leading publication from the Transport Intermediaries Association, The Logistics Journal.  

The article, written by our own Chuck Cook, provides critical and detailed information on the immense risk that all 3PL and trucking companies face: Ransomware.  Learn more and read the full article. 



Pay up or we'll kill your data

Published June 02, 2016 by

Ransomware pay up or we kill your dataA sophisticated new generation of ransomware is rolling across North America.  It doesn’t just steal your information and wreak havoc with your IT systems.  It steals your money.

Several versions of ransomware are at large. They go by different names, such as Crypto locker, Crypto wall and others. They usually propagate as Trojans, entering networks via innocent-looking links in emails or innocuous messages from unknown websites.

Without up-to-date anti-virus and malware protection installed on every PC and laptop connected to your network, you are vulnerable to attack.  Read More.



Guarding Against Ransomware: Some Essentials

Published May 19, 2016 by

malware essentialsThe objective of ransomware is simple: using invasive encryption to extort money by holding an organization’s network and data hostage. But ransomware technology is far from simple, and it can inflict severe damage on businesses and institutions of any size.

Read "Guarding Against Ransomware: Some Essentials" now.



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