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Highlights from the TIA Lunch and Learn webinar presented by Chuck Cook, President, CBCP on Recovery Strategies vs. Recovery Solutions: Are Yours Aligned? Watch the video...


Chuck Cook, President of RenovoData, moderated a panel of industry experts at the TIA 2022 Conference: Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats Impacting 3PLS As the size and scope of cyberthreats continue to evolve, it is imperative that 3PLs take the necessary steps to protect themselves—and their customers. Watch the video...



Certified Integrated Partner webinar for McLeod Software on Backup or Disaster Recovery: Which Solution is Best for Your Company? Learn about Backups versus Disaster Recovery and key differences in choosing which solution is best for your company. Watch the video...

RenovoData for McLeod Partner Webinar



Chuck Cook spoke at the Tia 2021 Capital Ideas Conference learning Lab on Do You Know Where Your Data Is Living? This session provided valuable insight into the Fundamentals of Recovery Planning and Business Continuity for 3PL’s. As your Logistics Company or 3PL grows, so can the complexity of your data landscape. What is important and how do you protect it? From remote workers to application sprawl, learn how to combat problems that can impact your company’s ability to recover from a disaster. This session outlined the risks your company may have and discuss methods to bring management, IT, and other departments together to protect your organization from data loss and downtime.



RenovoData was a sponsor for McLeod’s 2020 Online virtual conference. Chuck Cook spoke during a 25-minute breakout session about “Backup or Disaster Recovery? Which Solution is the Best Choice for Your Company?



McLeod Online User Conference: Five-minute product video on How to Recover Faster with RenovoData’s Server Recovery Solution for McLeod Systems



Excerpt from McLeod IT Security Summit - Recovery Phase with Chuck Cook



Excerpt from TIA Lunch & Learn Webinar with Chuck Cook



What's Powering Your IT Disaster Recovery?



Managing External Security Threats



Cybersecurity: The Threats Have Evolved, Have You?



Cyber Security TIA Panel: Don't be the Next Headline



Webinar Recording: Why SMBs should have a Business Continuity and DR Plan



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Chuck Cook from RenovoData joined an expert panel at the 2017 TIA Conference:



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