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Email Message Continuity

high availability

data protection iconAutomatically store your emails if the email server fails

With e-mail as the corporate communications method of choice, you need to make sure you’re always able to send and receive.  With our Email Message Continuity powered by McAfee, you keep email available and secure in the event of a planned or unplanned email server outage. 

What would happen if your e-mail system went down? If your company is like most, you’d face lost revenues, employee downtime, customer frustration, maybe even legal or regulatory concerns.

email message continuity

RenovoData’s service works to keep your e-mails going, even if your e-mail server isn’t. Using advanced messaging technology, it lets you send and receive e-mails during an outage of any type. Economical and easy to deploy, this service provides instant business communication continuity.

This powerful e-mail continuity tool:

  • Automatically filters for spam and malware then replicates and synchronizes to your e-mail server or cloud email service provider
  • Automatically stores email up to 60 days during an e-mail server outage
  • Allows users to view, send, receive and manage emails during e-mail server outage, on a secure web portal
  • Also works with cloud e-mail providers like Microsoft Office 365 and Intermedia

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