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Cloud Backup

data protection services

data protection iconExtra security for on-site programs and data

RenovoData utilizes various server backup and Cloud recovery options to keep data secure and accessible. With the Cloud, data backup and recovery is more flexible, requires less management and net cost for the protection and reliability it provides. 

  • Utilize our Three Tiers of Storage to fit your budget.
  • The Public Cloud is the simplest route to protected data, with less equipment to buy and configure; costs are usage-based and grow only as the data grows. Utilize our three Tiers of storage to fit your budget.
  • Our Private Cloud provides total control of data and affords multiple layers of security. Regulatory Compliant AES 256 Encryption (Data is secure “in flight” and “at rest”)
  • A Hybrid Cloud provides greatest flexibility by combining a company’s own infrastructure with a Cloud system, to protect Legacy systems, products and applications, even those already outsourced elsewhere. Our custom cloud solutions offer complete flexibility. The hybrid cloud optimizes enterprise data protection services.

RenovoData solutions offer best-in-class storage, reliability and accessibility while minimizing cost and complexity.  A flexible, customizable array of databases, storage hardware and software also accommodates legacy systems.  RenovoData streamlines service management, regulation compliance and reporting by centralizing these functions.

Data Backup and Recovery:

Data Backup and Recovery ensures reliable and timely recovery of file and application data on business servers in the event of corruption, accidental deletion or hardware failure.

cloud backup with local storage

Data Backup and Recovery Challenges

  • Backup and recovery process is time-consuming and inefficiently managed.
  • In the event of system failures or disaster, reliable and fast system recover is unable to be provided.
  • Rapid data growth, limited IT resources and shrinking backup windows are eroding business productivity.
  • Increasingly complex environments require many backup and recovery products and personnel.
  • Service level management and compliance reporting for backup infrastructure is insufficient.

The RenovoData Offsite Data Backup Solution

The offsite data backup solution provided by RenovoData Protection Services prepares for and recovers both data and systems in instances of equipment failure, accidental loss of data, or a disaster.

  • Beyond basic "Cloud Backups," RenovoData provides secure, reliable backups using one of the world's best backup and recovery software solutions.
  • Single platform for backup and recovery of desktop, remote offices, and data centers implemented to minimize cost and complexity.
  • Integrated data deduplication technology for optimizing storage utilization and minimizing cost controls, as well as data growth.
  • Solution that supports a wide range of operating systems, databases, and storage hardware, and better leverages existing hardware.
  • Centralized management and reporting of data protection enterprise-wide improves service level management and regulation compliance.
  • Local disk-to-disk (D2D) option available.

Delivery Methods:

Software only.

Use RenovoData’s backup software on your computer or server. 

local backup software solution

Backup in a Box.

Includes the dedicated server, software and disk space for a dedicated backup solution in a box.  

local back up in a box

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