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 Who needs disaster recovery if you’ve got data backup? They’re the same thing, right? No, they're not.

backup vs recoveryData backup is a vital component of a solid disaster recovery plan, but is only one part. Backup software is intended to ensure against data loss, but may not always perform flawlessly and does nothing to protect the operating system environment. Even with the best backup software and the most reliable offsite facility, the overall environment is vulnerable to severe damage unless a thorough disaster recovery plan is in place.

Backup products are far from foolproof.

Not only are their capabilities limited to the protection of data, they are subject to all the glitches and interruptions common to all software, not to mention the near-inevitability of human error.

Even a minor failure can cause damage, and if backup software is not constantly monitored, undetected data losses can produce catastrophic results. Installation of new software versions can introduce new problems that can easily go unnoticed, previously backed-up data can disappear, erroneous purges can take place and new data can be entered incompletely or not at all.

These are a few of the obstacles that only a solid disaster recovery process can overcome.

What are the elements of a disaster recovery plan?

approachBegin with the right data-backup approach. Conventional backup focuses on rapid capture and storage of current data rather than on recovery from potential disaster, when in reality the main purpose of backup is to support complete end-to-end restoration. From a disaster recovery perspective, backup procedures need to capture and store data in the most precise manner possible, and to allow it to be retrieved easily, quickly and with absolute accuracy.

develop a recovery planDevelop a plan that protects the entire environment, not just current data. Every IT installation presents a unique set of recovery challenges, each with its own potential problems. Effective disaster recovery replicates operating systems, servers and storage facilities, and keeps up with all the small tweaks that are constantly being made. The plan incorporates carefully selected tools and processes, with methodologies provided by top-notch outside guidance and executed by a knowledgeable and well-trained staff.

ask for helpKnow who to ask for help. After a well-planned, comprehensive disaster recovery program is in place, companies still need a “911” capability, with high-level experts immediately available to help diagnose problems and assist in implementing complete recovery.


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