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Local Disk Backup

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Onsite disk backup provides the unique advantage of being at IT management’s fingertips for assessment and repair. Disk data can travel physically, and through RenovoData systems, connect seamlessly with cloud systems to either export data or receive recovered data.

RenovoData backup software resident on internal servers and workstations can interface with RenovoData local disk-to-disk storage, or with a RenovoData data client installed on local workstation(s).

The Backup in a Box, above, additionally provides a RenovoData Recovery Server that captures data from PCs and workstations separately from production servers.

Reliable and Timely Backup & Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery ensures reliable and timely recovery of file and application data on business servers in the event of corruption, accidental deletion or hardware failure.

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Delivery Methods:

Software only.

Use RenovoData’s backup software on your computer or server. 

local backup software solution

Backup in a Box.

Includes the dedicated server, software and disk space for a dedicated backup solution in a box.

local back up in a box

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