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Business Continuity Consulting

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data protection iconDisaster can kill a business; continuity planning can save it

The interruption of mission-critical services affects the entire enterprise, spanning people, processes, people and technology.  A Business Continuity Plan documents the processes each department in an organization must execute to minimize the impact of a disaster.  Without a Business Continuity Plan, you can expect impacts such as:

  • Interruptions to business-critical processes leading to lost revenue.
  • Outages negatively impact employee productivity and customer relationships, possibly yielding legal consequences and damage to morale.
  • Inconsistent and undefined processes hamper the ability to rapidly recover data and systems after an outage.

RenovoData follows best practices and proven methodologies to create a business continuity plan. The impacts of service interruptions, the order of priority for recovery, the organization's infrastructure and interdependencies and more are all considered in a comprehensive plan.  RenovoData is a thought leader in providing and end-to-end solution for data protection from creating a basic IT DR Plan to complete business continuity initiative.  A Business Continuity planning engagement can address:

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity Resource Requirements
  • Core Functions Recovery
  • Business Resumption
  • Training and Testing Materials

RenovoData Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Consulting help organizations protect their people and their business. Many companies have insurance policies to protect their physical assets, but the information that would allow them to stay in business is almost never saved.

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