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 Critical Questions to Ask Your Prospective Cloud Backup Service Provider

undefinedLooking for a Cloud Backup Service Provider? You want to be proactive when it comes to protecting your company’s data. You may not want to sign up with the first company that comes knocking at your door. Going beyond the sales pitch, here are the questions you should be asking…


Does the service provider have a good reputation?


How long have they been in business? How stable is their company? How many customers do they have?

What kind of customers do they have? Are their customers of a similar size and environment to your company?


Does the service provider have experience in the same or similar industry as yours?  Do they have experience helping with data disaster recovery under conditions seen in your business?  Is the prospective service provider familiar with laws and standards of your industry?


What sort of press or recognition have they received?  Is their recognition based simply on price and brand image, or on their history of supporting customers in a data crisis?  Is their press recognition mostly from consumer or business press?  Do they have customer testimonials on websites?


What kind of social media presence does the prospective service provider have? Are they responsive to customer questions, complaints and comments?


How does the prospective Cloud Backup Service Provider deal with end-point device data? What is their action plan for dealing with threats to the security of end-point devices such as malware and ransomware?


The more homework you do before signing on with a cloud-based service provider the better it will be for your organization. You will have greater peace mind and trust that your company’s data is protected and efficiently retrievable in the event of a crisis.  At RenovoData, we strive to provide the highest quality tools, technology and services that strengthen our customer’s resiliency… and we can confidently answer every one of the questions above, as well as anything else you would like to throw our way!   



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