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Disaster Recovery

Protecting Your Data in a Changing Data Landscape

Published October 06, 2021 by

Protecting Your DataAn extensive article was published by Chuck Cook in 3PL Perspectives about “Protecting Your Data in a Changing Data Landscape" It details the fundamentals of data protection, recovery planning, and business continuity for 3PLs”  Read more...



Disaster Recovery Time is of the Essence

Published August 05, 2021 by

Navigating the new normalAnother article was published by Chuck Cook in 3PL Perspectives about “Disaster Recovery: Time Is of the Essence.” This article reviews the 10 key time-sensitive tasks for optimizing your disaster recovery plan. Read more...



Recovery Strategies vs. Recovery Solutions: Are Yours Aligned?

Published May 06, 2021 by

Aligning Disaster Recovery PlanRenovoData recently published an article about Recovery Strategies vs. Recovery Solutions: Are Yours Aligned? in 3PL Perspectives, the third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). Learn more...



RenovoData Appears in McLeod's "The Dispatch"

Published December 08, 2020 by

Navigating the new normalRenovoData appeared in the December 2020 edition of "The Dispatch" by McLeod Software. Read on...



Navigating the New Normal: How Does it Look for Your Company?

Published November 14, 2020 by

Navigating the new normalA recent article, “Navigating the New Normal: How Does it Look for Your Company?" was published in 3PL Perspectives. It discusses the importance of looking at what we have learned about conducting business during a pandemic. Read on...



The New Normal...How Does it Look for Your Company?

Published July 06, 2020 by

The The new normal...how does it look for your company? Despite the downsides of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies a rare opportunity for innovation, growth, and improvement. Learn more...



When Disaster Strikes, Don’t Let Fight-or-Flight Interfere with Your Recovery.

Published February 12, 2020 by

Don't reinvent the cybersecurity wheel

When emergencies arise, people are thrust into fight-or-flight mode. At these times the speed, accuracy, and thoroughness of the team’s responses can mean the difference between a company’s survival and its destruction. Learn what to do when hacker assaults, weather events, or other catastrophes threaten your data and systems.



You Don't Need to Reinvent the Security Wheel

Published January 30, 2020 by

Don't reinvent the cybersecurity wheelEvery organization with an online presence is at risk of a cyberattack and effective protection against it must be well-planned out. You don’t have to reinvent the security wheel. Establish standards that will guide you.To learn more about how to protect your company click on the link.



Backup and Disaster Recovery - an Ideal Use Case for the Cloud

Published October 15, 2019 by

Backup and Disaster Recovery - an Ideal Use Case for the CloudEffective data backup and disaster recovery are imperative in our current technological environment. When disasters strike, whether through malicious cyber-attacks, natural events, or unforeseen accidents, systems and backed-up data need to be recovered quickly if the company is to avoid losses of productivity, performance, and reputation. Read more on the ideal use case for cloud...



Disaster Recovery: It’s All About Time

Published July 29, 2019 by

All About TimeYour data is both your most valuable asset and the one most vulnerable to damage and loss. In the event of a disaster, the speed in which your data and services can be restored is significantly important in limiting the degree of harm your business can incur. As long as your system is down, the cost meter keeps running. Therefore, recovery time must always be a central concern in your disaster recovery plans.
Learn more about the importance of time in Disaster Recovery.



Why IT recovery plans are important – Is it time to reevaluate yours?

Published February 26, 2019 by

recovery planThe need for effective disaster recovery planning is a crucial segment of today’s IT security practices. There are many potential causes for disasters, with cyber-attacks being the most prevalent. Every organization with an online presence is vulnerable ... Read More



Digital Transformation Offers Opportunities...

Published October 23, 2018 by

Digital TransformationThe term digital transformation represents today’s continuous proliferation of digital technologies, and it also points to the speed with which they are being integrated into every area of activity. On a global scale, this steady acceleration is remaking human society, strongly affecting the ways we do business. Read More.



Cyber Threats are Multiplying Rapidly, Protect your data with these three steps

Published November 30, 2017 by

logistics journal november 2017The article provides expert-level detail on cyber threats and provides three steps that can help to protect your data..  Read more...



Cyber Threats are multiplying rapidly.

Published November 07, 2017 by

Cyber SecurityYou can protect your Data with these three steps.

Cyber Security Threats are nothing new, but the recent explosive growth has become a global concern. News reports of such attacks have become commonplace. The September 20, 2017 issue of PC Magazine states that In the first half of 2017, there were 1.9 billion data items compromised worldwide, compared to 1.38 billion for the entire year of 2016.

While cyber-attacks against major corporations and governments make headlines, upwards of 70% of these breaches target small businesses, so every organization with an online presence is vulnerable. Learn (a lot) more...



What is DRaaS, Anyway - Article Featured in the Logistics Journal, April 2017

Published May 04, 2017 by

Logistics Journal front cover April 2017A recent article featured last month provides expert-level detail on helping 3PL and Trucking Companies to understand DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service).  Learn more and read the whole article.



What's the Right Disaster Recovery Solution for You - as Featured in the Logistics Journal, December 2016

Published February 14, 2017 by

RenovoData disaster recovery solution articleIn December 2016, RenovoData were featured in the leading publication from the Transport Intermediaries Association, The Logistics Journal. The article provides expert-level detail on helping 3PL and Trucking Companies to choose the right disaster recovery solution.  Learn more and read the full article



Planning for Disaster Recovery: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Published September 08, 2016 by

DR planningWhere disaster recovery is concerned, having the right tools and procedures in place is paramount, of course. Our Data Protection Services are your powerful defenses to recover from data corruption, our Server Recovery Solutions enable you to recover systems quickly, and our Consulting & Strategy capabilities provide expert guidance along the way, but first you need a comprehensive business disaster recovery plan. Before finalizing your plan, you need to ask yourself some questions. What should be the basics of your plan? What steps should the plan include? Ask yourself what problems would test the strength and thoroughness of your plan? Read More.



Sometimes one size fits all. And sometimes it doesn’t. With disaster recovery, it never does.

Published August 04, 2016 by

One size does not fit all - especially with disaster recoveryOne key to business success is the ability to manage and exploit masses of data. That’s a given. For companies of any size, this calls for sophisticated IT systems with components that precisely match the organization’s functional requirements in virtually every area. Many of those components must be capable of interacting with each other, seamlessly and reliably. Each element of a well-designed IT system is carefully selected, installed with appropriate customization, and continually monitored in production... From these simplistic perspectives, companies are apt to think of disaster recovery systems as necessary but essentially simple and similar, like basic office supplies. Read More.



Who needs disaster recovery if you’ve got data backup? They’re the same thing, right? No, they're not.

Published July 19, 2016 by

data back up vs data recoveryData backup is a vital component of a solid disaster recovery plan, but is only one part. Backup software is intended to ensure against data loss, but may not always perform flawlessly and does nothing to protect the operating system environment. Even with the best backup software and the most reliable offsite facility, the overall environment is vulnerable to severe damage unless a thorough disaster recovery plan is in place. Read more about the vital differences between data backup and recovery.



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