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Case Studies

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The following are a selection of case studies that describe a customer’s problem, RenovoData’s solution and the final result.

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P&S Transportation Logo

Needed support for rapid growth.
Result: Can now easily account for the additional fees and resources needed when expanding their virtual machines.


Retention & vaulting for 50+ servers.
Result: McLeod’s IT staff can focus time & resources on growth and development in other areas.


Failing Backups and Bandwidth Issues.
Result: Allowed daily backups regardless of bandwidth challenges and locations.


Paying High Monthly Costs
Result: Allowed Apex to self-manage the scope and frequency of their backups.


Lacked a reliable data backup solution. 
Result: Confidence that all essential logistics data is safe,even in the event of a disaster.

Big M

To optimize Big M’s disaster recovery plans.
Result: Peace of mind when it comes to data backups.

Scott Logistics

Running out of Disk space / Failed State.
Result: Scott Logistics' data is being backed up safely and securely.