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 Recovery is EVERYTHING!

In February 2013, Enterprise Strategy Group conducted the research we will cover below.  Survey data was collected from 479 financial buyers such as CIOs, VPs of IT, Directors of IT and technical buyers such as Storage Administration Professionals, Systems Administration Professionals, and Applications Administration Professionals representing a variety of industry verticals.  


Here is what we know, organizations are backing up loads of data. With emerging trends such as big data and ongoing regulatory compliance pressure, data volumes have skyrocketed. This trend is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. 77% of enterprises indicate that their data is growing at a rate of 5% to 25% annually.  This has prompted mid-market firms and enterprises to backup large quantities of data as a form of insurance.


Just how much data is being backed up? Recent research results show most organizations are backing up at least 1TB of data. With 52% of organizations are backing up more than 50TB of data.

What percentage of data is being recovered?  It might surprise you to know that most organizations do not need to recover 100% of their data, unless they experience a catastrophic event. While these events may be rare, they can happen.  Even so, many companies are unlikely to want to invest the time and energy in recovering all of their data.  The key here is to make backup and recovery seamless. Also, with RenovoData’s multiple tiers of storage as well as pricing, it is both realistic and prudent for companies to protect—and recover all of their data should the need arise.    


So, exactly how much data ARE organizations recovering? It turns out, the majority (84%) of the organizations recover less than 20% of their backed up data annually. But they are paying to recover 100% of their data.  RenovoData can close this gap.


How much are enterprises spending on backup and recovery each year? The answer is quite a bit!  36% of organizations allocate a substantial amount of their budget, $1 million or more, to ensure data protection is a critical aspect of their IT management process that ensures business continuity.


Critical final question: to drill or not to drill? At RenovoData, we believe recovery drills are a crucial component of your company’s disaster recovery plan.  Companies that perform more than 3 recovery drills annually seem to recover a greater percentage of their data during these drills.  Recovery drills are an important tool to prove to an organization that they will be able to recover their data when they need it the most. As we have said, recovery is EVERYTHING!



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