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 eBook: 5 Steps for Building a Culture of Cyber Resilience5 Steps for Building a Culture of Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilient practices enable companies to consistently achieve desired business results while protecting systems against cyber threats.

Cyber resilience encompasses the protective tools and practices that we normally associate with cybersecurity. The difference is that cyber resilience uses those elements more carefully, effectively, and thoroughly than before.






 eBook: VEEAM 2021 Cloud Protection Trends ReportVEEAM 2021 Cloud Protection Trends Report

This research report summarizes a recent global survey of 1,550 unbiased organizations across 14 countries to understand their approaches toward cloud-based production IT today – and the ramifications for their data protection strategies moving forward.

This includes how they expect to be prepared for the myriad of IT challenges they face, including hybrid cloud solutions, disaster recovery initiatives, as well as SaaS and container usage.






 eBook: Align Your Disaster Recovery Strategies and Solutions in Five StepsAlign Your Disaster Recovery Strategies and Solutions in Five Steps

IT disasters come in many forms, from malware attacks to weather events to hardware failures.

Most organizations have either inadequate recovery strategies or none at all. Those who have plans in place often fail to align them with the Recovery Solutions they select.







 eBook: 5 Ways to Protect Remote Workplaces5 Ways to Protect Remote Workplaces

The pandemic has transformed the international business landscape in ways we never envisioned.

Every function is affected, but the most widespread impact on companies of all sizes has been the need to establish a grid of remote workplaces.







 eBook: Optimize Your Secuurity with 5 Key StepsOptimize Your Security with 5 Key Steps

Recognize and Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats

Utilize available tools and procedures to protect your systems and keep business going. Read the ebook to learn the top five key steps.







 eBook: Cyberthreats are Everywhere... Don't be an Easy TargetCyberthreats are Everywhere... Don't Be an Easy Target

Bolster Your Cybersecurity in Five Essential Steps

Cyber-assaults against major organizations make the headline, but every organization with an online presence is under severe threat. Read the ebook to learn the top five essential steps.






ebook downloadThe Top Five Reasons Why You Need an IT Disaster Recovery Plan

The Numbers Make it Clear. All Organizations are Vulnerable to IT Disasters.

Every Organization should have a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan to reduce their risk. For strong protection, your DR Plan must be technically robust, able to withstand every type of conceivable scenario and be continually evaluated.
Read the ebook to understand the TOP 5 most important reasons why.



The 1-2-3's of Data Protection for SMB's

The 1-2-3's of Data Protection for SMB's: a Three-Step Approach to Safeguarding your Digital Assets

Cyber Security Assaults are Multiplying.

Internal and external threats to data can bring your business to a standstill. Or even a bitter end.

While cyber-attacks against major corporations and governments make headlines, upwards of 70% of breaches target small businesses. Every organization with an internet connection is vulnerable.