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 The Challenges of Virtualization Backup and Recovery

undefinedAs you already may know, a virtual machine (or VM) is a software computer that, like its physical counterpart, runs an operating system and applications. The VM is comprised of a set of specification and configuration files and is backed by either the physical resources of a host or by a cloud-based host. Every VM has virtual devices that provide the same functionality as physical hardware and have additional benefits in terms of portability, manageability, scalability and security.


At RenovoData, we believe that treating VM data protection separately from your overall data protection plan is not only a replication of effort but an inefficient use of resources. The backup, recovery and protection of data on virtual machines should be integrated into an enterprise-wide data backup strategy and practice.


RenovoData’s cloud backup service powered by Asigra enables your company to backup and restore multiple virtual and physical servers with a single, integrated service. We provide our clients with a flexible agentless solution that supports multiple hypervisors, operating systems and physical server environments. This enables effortless backup and recovery of virtual machine environments.


Virtualization is now an essential component of your company’s IT infrastructure. Many organizations are more than 50 percent virtualized with a goal of achieving even greater levels of virtualization in the coming years because of the many benefits it provides, including rapid provisioning and better utilization of system resources.


Traditional agent-based approaches to data protection increase the load on system resources, so it can nullify the primary benefits of virtualization. This has led many organizations to seek agentless solutions for the backup and recovery of VMs. However, there are few solutions in the market that offer combined physical and virtual machine protection. Enterprises are then likely to use separate solutions for backing up physical and virtual machines. In addition, since most service providers do not offer a solution that covers multiple VM environments, organizations often end up engaging multiple providers.


RenovoData’s cloud backup service powered by Asigra offers an integrated solution for the end-to-end data protection needs of your company, including the ability to protect both physical and virtual machines across operating systems or virtualization platforms. We provide a unique standardized agentless backup methodology for heterogeneous virtual and physical machines across vendors, virtual servers, operating systems, applications, and platforms.


If your company is using different point solution providers to backup VMs and you would prefer a single enterprise-class end-to-end backup and restore solution to protect all of your data, look no further than RenovoData’s cloud backup service powered by Asigra.


For more information about our Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) solution, contact us today!



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