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 Costs to Consider For a Cloud-based Backup Service

RenovoData are data protection specialists that helps you align your company’s recovery and uptime goals. We do this with a focus on balanced cost and recovery capability.  We take pride in our proactive delivery of recovery and uptime assistance services.  What really sets Renovo apart from our competition is our drive to be hands on, and that means getting in the trenches when our clients need us the most. Today, we are going to take a look at the costs to consider for using a cloud-based backup service:


  • Recoverability assessment - evaluates the ability of your DR plan to meet business continuity goals
  • Initial implementation – What is it going to cost to make the switch?
  • Pay-per-use for capacity - measures cloud-based resource usage based on predefined parameters outlined by pricing plans


Your cloud backup service provider should have access to a ROI calculator that you can use to determine the cost savings over a multi-year period of a cloud backup and recovery solution as compared with an on-premise system. Our calculator can be found here.


Many companies will discover that the total cost of ownership for a cloud backup and recovery system is significantly lower than traditional tape-based or other on-premise methods.


Along with total cost of ownership, there are other associated financial advantages of a cloud backup service including:


  • Lower operating and administrative costs due to automated backups
  • Built-in scalability which makes it easy to evolve with new business needs
  • Cloud backup software that scans your data for integrity or corruption issues and alerts your company immediately, preventing costly problems in advance
  • Deployment of IT resources in more strategic innovative initiatives that enable greater competitive advantages
  • Simple recovery drills for peace of mind


Plus, our three tier system of data storage vs. one-size-fits-all means that storing “old data” costs much less. Additionally, our ability to maintain up to 10,000 versions of every file makes recovery after data loss more timely and efficient.  With our innovative products and passion for customer service, it’s easy to see that the financial advantages of RenovoData’s cloud backup service are well worth your consideration.



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