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 Comparing the Cost of a Cloud Backup Solution Against an Equivalent Tape System

This week, we are continuing our look at some of the questions our customers have when considering the switch from tape backup systems to solutions based in the cloud.

Q: It appears as though a monthly subscription fee for cloud backups is equivalent to implementing a traditional tape backup system. Is this true?

A: Comparing the cost of a cloud backup solution against an equivalent tape system can be a tricky calculation. The best way to approach the issue is to consider total cost of ownership for both systems. To determine the total cost for a tape backup system you will need to consider:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Ongoing maintenance for both hardware and software
  • Initial setup costs for configuration
  • Time and resources for managing backup and restore, including periodic recovery drills
  • Future scalability and costs of additional infrastructure (such as tape storage)

For a cloud-based backup service, costs to consider include:

  • Recoverability assessment
  • Initial implementation
  • Pay-per-use for capacity

Your cloud backup service provider should have access to a ROI calculator that you can use to determine the cost savings over a multi-year period of a cloud backup and recovery solution as compared with an on-premise or tape-based system. Many companies will discover that the total cost of ownership for a cloud backup and recovery system is significantly lower. Here at Renovo, we have made it even easier with our Downtime calculator.

Along with total cost of ownership, there are other associated financial advantages of a cloud backup service including:

  • Lower operating and administrative costs due to automated backups
  • Built-in scalability which makes it easy to evolve with new business needs (as you grow, so can we)
  • Cloud backup software that scans your data for integrity or corruption issues and alerts your company immediately, preventing costly problems in advance
  • Deployment of IT resources in more strategic innovative initiatives that enable greater competitive advantages
  • Simple recovery drills for peace of mind

Along with the above, our customers enjoy superior customer service from caring experienced professionals—which sets RenovoData apart from the competition.  We would be happy to tell you more, call or click today!  


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