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 What Are the Financial Advantages of a Cloud Backup Service?

I’m here to tell you that the financial advantages of RenovoData’s cloud backup service go beyond lower total cost of ownership. First, let’s recap some of the basics…

Traditional data storage methods, like tape backup, requires significant investment in the following:

  • Hardware and Software
  • Ongoing maintenance for both hardware and software
  • Initial setup costs for configuration
  • Time and resources for managing backup and restore, including periodic recovery drills
  • Future scalability and costs of additional infrastructure

By comparison, costs associated with cloud-based backup services are characterized by:

  • Recoverability assessment
  • Initial implementation
  • Pay-per-use for capacity

Cloud-based backup and recovery services also have the advantage of working with a company’s existing infrastructure – this also reduces the cost of ownership.  Along with lower total cost of ownership, there are other associated financial advantages of a cloud backup service including:

  • Lower operating and administrative costs due to automated backups
  • Built-in scalability which makes it easy to evolve with new business needs
  • Cloud backup software that scans your data for integrity or corruption issues and alerts your company immediately, preventing costly problems in advance
  • Deployment of IT resources in more strategic innovative initiatives that enable greater competitive advantages
  • Simple recovery drills for peace of mind

RenovoData are true data protection specialists that helps you align your company’s recovery and uptime goals. We do this with a focus on balanced cost and recovery capability.  RenovoData takes pride in our proactive delivery of recovery and uptime assistance services.  Of course, there are plenty of people out there that will sell you a piece of software and yet others that say “the data is in the vault”.  However, what really sets Renovo apart is our drive to be hands on, and that means getting in the trenches when our clients need us the most.  Plus, our three tier system of data storage means that storing “old data” costs much less—add to that, our ability to maintain up to 10,000 versions of every file, which makes recovery after data loss that much faster!

With our innovative products and passion for customer service, it’s easy to see that the financial advantages of RenovoData’s cloud backup service are truly undeniable. 


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