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About RenovoData - Your Data Protection Specialists

about renovodata

Who we are:

RenovoData is a leading regulatory compliant, IT Services company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  With beginnings that go back to 1997, we have provided IT  services and business continuity solutions to public and private businesses throughout the United States and locations around the globe. We support legacy systems and design scalable cloud solutions for clients with mass expansion plans, running applications in private, virtual private, and public clouds.

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Why RenovoData

Our backup technology configures software to meet all business operational requirements for backup and restore, all with one single point of backup administration for an entire network, without the limitations of traditional backup solutions. Certified to FIPS 140-2 US government security standard.

We can protect all applications, including Email and Databases, and any Operating System, including Windows, Linux, UNIX, MAC, Novell and IBM. Our products have streamlined the backup process of thousands of companies globally and are scalable to protect data sizes ranging from 250GB to 5PB+.

Our mission:

RenovoData’s mission is to provide peace of mind.  We accomplish this by providing the highest quality tools, technologies and services that strengthen our customer’s resiliency.

Our core values:

The following list of core values illustrates what is important to us as an organization, regardless of the time, technology or situation.  They are the underpinning of our company culture.

  1. Integrity rocks! Integrity is the foundation of all enduring relationships and every successful business.  We will always do the right thing, even when no one is watching. This way our customers, vendors, partners and our teammates know what to expect from us.
  2. The “golden rule” rules!  We respect our customers, vendors, partners and fellow team members.  We always treat others how we would like to be treated. 
  3. Relentless support.  By providing relentless support to our customers and each other, there is nothing we can’t accomplish!
  4. Creating Fun and enjoyment.  Work is a necessary thing, and since we have to spend many hours doing it, we might as well create a fun environment and enjoy each other!
  5. Pursue Growth and Learning.  We believe that the more we learn, the more we can contribute to our customers and to each other. 
  6. Be humble.  We understand that everybody has something to learn.  We first seek to understand, then to be understood. 
  7. Being our best.  Inspire confidence and admiration in every interaction someone has with RenovoData. 
  8. Do more with less.  Profit is the engine that lets us achieve our goals.  By doing more with less, we can do much more for our customers and team members.
  9. Good is not enough.  Good is the enemy of great.  Since our goal is to be a Great Company, we must continue to push ourselves to do what it takes to be great. 
  10. Every one of us makes the difference.  If one of us has an idea that could positively impact the company and/or our customer’s experience, then we are empowered and encouraged to share that idea so we can all win!  We, as a team, win together and lose together.