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 Factors to Consider for Automated Replication via Private Cloud

Having confidence in your ability to recover your company’s data when it matters most comes from trusting in the backup and restoration processes. Your enterprise-class backup and recovery software should provide a complete range of features that ensure the maximum in reliability, security, manageability and affordability. Two important processes to ensure reliability in your recoverability strategy should include:


  • ‘Autonomic healing’ which verifies the logical and physical integrity of the data written to the storage systems
  • ‘Restore validation’ which ensures data is restorable by simulating real recoveries (without actually writing the restored data)


This standard is extremely difficult to attain with traditional tape or similar hardware-based backup methods.  Cloud-based disaster recovery allows organizations of any size to maintain business continuity no matter what life throws our way.  As we have previously covered in this blog, clouds range from public to private, plus the popular hybrid approach which includes aspects of both public and private clouds.


After you reach a decision regarding the type of cloud service you want to use, you will want to choose a service provider.  Look for a service provider with solid reputation that stays current with the latest innovations and trends. An example of just such a current trend is the increased use of Virtualization.  


Virtualization provides a more effective usage of cloud computing resources. Replication is typically performed when resource availability and performance need to be enhanced. Replication enables operational workloads to easily leverage the benefits of cloud-based backup and storage by automating the ongoing management and maintenance of customer environments.  Noteworthy business benefits of utilizing automated replication via a private cloud service include:


  • Faster recovery time objectives (RTO)
  • Recovery guarantee as determined by the service level agreement
  • Non-intrusive and easily assimilated into existing business infrastructure
  • Lower risk of human error in a hands-free and virtual recovery environment
  • Lower cost of recovery infrastructure compared to traditional methods


At RenovoData, we are singularly focused on delivering affordable, scalable, and reliable cloud-based backup and recovery services. Our comprehensive approach and commitment to excellent customer service makes RenovoData a trusted alliance, rather than just another service provider. Contact us today to find out more!



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