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Cloud Disaster Recovery

data protection services

data protection iconAdded protection for your “on premise” servers and systems

If system-wide failure or site loss shuts everything down, recovery must be fast and the data returned to company control instantly.  The RenovoData Recovery Center is automatically fed data from an onsite recovery server. It’s a smart way to keep a small business secure, or bring a larger business’s data protection policy to life.

In the event of major failure, users connect securely to RenovoData typically through any internet connection, so even if physical plant is compromised, user connection can be ensured.  RenovoData backup software can also be installed on rented cloud services or configured to backup data from Software as a Service providers (i.e., Salesforce, GoogleDocs, etc.), so they can communicate data from their cloud to the RenovoData cloud for backup, adding an important level of redundancy – eliminating the risk of data being stored in one place alone which can result in a single point of failure.

When the customer site is down, users connect to the Renovo Recovery Center.

when customer site is down, users connect remotely

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