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Cloud Data Archiving

data protection services

data protection iconAn efficient, compliant solution to storage of dormant or critical records

With RenovoData offsite backup and archiving, the tough choice between upfronting the cost of additional primary servers, or risking deletion of important archives and risking possible non-compliance issues is eliminated.

RenovoData provides a fault-tolerant, data center for encrypted archived information, reducing primary data protection costs.  An available LAN Storage Audit  process helps identify dormant data not needed in primary storage.

With our scalable storage platforms, we are able to store whatever data small to medium size enterprises might require. Legacy systems and new iterations, communications, operating data and archived data are built into whatever configurations best meet a company’s risk and budget. Big Data Storage of digital video and music data is especially well served by RenovoData’s Cloud Archiving which provides a secure data vault and is encrypted for data protection and located remotely in a fault tolerant data center with redundant backup.

Whatever type of data you are wanting to archive, our tools provide low cost storage which keeps your data safe and accessible.

Digital Media Storage for Advertising and Entertainment Industries

The ever-growing marketing and music production industries, along with the emerging TV & film industry in Georgia, generate immense amounts of data that require safe, long-term archiving.

Storage of digital media is such a concern in the industry (where lost digital material can impact entire production projects) that some industry leaders contend that film “remains the only format on which one can guarantee safe long-term archive and access to motion-picture materials” (Old-Fashioned Film Storage Still Trumps Digital, The Wrap). This article highlights the digital film storage problems that many production companies face but does not provide the solution.

To assist these industries, RenovoData is ideally located and capable of providing safe and secure cloud storage for digital media. Archive your multi-terabyte data pools of films, commercials, music, videos, photos and more on RenovoData’s secure, disk based storage system.

With hundreds of terabytes already stored, you can rely on RenovoData as your data protection specialists. Our secure data vault is encrypted for protection and located in a fault tolerant data center in Atlanta, GA with a backup of your backup! Best of all, it will be available and ready when you need it. We can even deliver a copy to your door via FedEx or courier if the need arises.

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