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 Protecting 3PL and Trucking Companies: Ransomware - as Featured in the Logistics Journal, July 2016

RenovoData Ransomware ArticleIn July, RenovoData again were featured in the leading publication from the Transport Intermediaries Association, The Logistics Journal.  The article, written by our own Chuck Cook, provides critical and detailed information on the immense risk that all 3PL and trucking companies face: Ransomware.


Ransomware is a particularly vicious kind of malware that has existed for several years.  Recently, both the number and sophistication of ransomware attacks are escalating. Not only does ransomware capture information and wreak havoc with IT systems, it also steals the victim's money through cyber-extortion.  Hackers are able to break into a system, encrypt the data it contains to prevent its use, and then demand payment to release the data.

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