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 RaaS Makes it Possible for Anyone to Kidnap your Vital Data - Logistics Journal Sept 2017

Logistics Journal Sept 2017In September 2017, the Logistics Journal ran an article, written by RenovoData.  The article provides expert-level detail on Ransomware as a Servics (RaaS) and how it can affect 3PL and Trucking companies.


Would-be extortionists can now order easy-to-implement ransomware kits on the Dark Web.  Just over a decade ago, IT users began experiencing attacks of ransomware, and in the intervening years it has become the most widespread and damaging variety of malware, gaining international notoriety as a thread to individuals and organizations large and small.  Ransomware enters systems through fake emails or other notifications, capturing data and holding it captive until a ransom is paid... 

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