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 Best Practices for Preventing Email Cyberthreats (3PL Perspectives November 2018)

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RenovoData was featured in the 3PL Perspectives publication (November Edition) with this article, which is part THREE of the three-part series that addresses cybersecurity.  This final article covers a higher level of safeguarding, one that stems from designated leadership and overall preparedness.  3PL Perspectives is a third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. 

Two Excerpts are below:

An early step in building a system of best practices is to appoint leaders to devise, disseminate, train for, and oversee every aspect of the initiative. On an ongoing basis, these leaders should play a watchdog role in identifying the most damaging email scams. They should continually measure and analyze the results of the program and make updates and improvements as needed.

The measure of both a cyber attack’s effectiveness and a victim’s level of damage is the length of time it takes for the company’s systems to recover. Effective disaster recovery from cyberattacks can be categorized in three maturity levels..

You can read the complete article about best practices for preventing email cyber threats at the 3PL website.

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