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 How Users Can Identify Email Cyberthreats (3PL Perspectives October 2018)

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RenovoData was again featured in the  3PL Perspectives publication (October Edition). 3PL Perspectives is a third-party logistics magazine provided by the Transportation Intermediaries Association. This article, written by RenovoData's Michele Vayle, is part TWO of a three-part series that addresses cybersecurity.

Two Excerpts are below:

Pay attention to the distribution group. The absence of one is a bad sign, as is one you don’t know. Some scammers go to the trouble of hijacking real distribution group lists, so an authentic one does not prove the email to be legitimate. If the email turns out to be crooked, be sure to let everyone in the group know, since they may also be targets.

Hazy contact information inevitably smells of Phish, since real companies want to publicize their contact details clearly. If the company and signer are on the level, there should be a website that can verify their legitimacy.

You can view and read the complete article about email cyber threats at the 3PL website.

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