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 Blockchain Brings New Capabilities, but Proceed with Caution (Logistics Journal June 2018)

Block chain Article in Logistics JournalRenovoData were featured in the Logistic Journal's June 2018 edition. The article includes a series of facts about how blockchain works and what makes it so widely used, but most importantly it shared information on potential problems of the system and how to protect your company.


Because blockchain networks are not designed to be connected to any other systems, they contribute a level of security,but they do not overcome the dangers of breaches and breakdowns.

Indeed, blockchain brings new risks in the form of additional hardware, software and activities, all of which need to be defended. Here are some possible difficulties with blockchain networks:

  • Risks are highest during the early stages of any technology.
  • When a blockchain network connects several companies, each of them is obligated to provide strong security. If even one company does not, all participating organizations are endangered ...

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