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 Disaster Recovery Planning The Essentials - Logistics Journal, August 2017

logistics journal articleThe article provides expert-level detail on guiding 3PL and Trucking Companies through the importance of having a solid plan and helping them to prepare for a disaster.  


Creating and implementing an effective disaster recovery plan takes time, effort and buy-in by everyone in the organization. Every so often, employees will be required to bring their walk to a halt, and as you well know, interruptions of this kind are especially problematic in the fast-moving 3PL and trucking company environment... The cost of disasters can be measured by the amount of downtime you incur, so begin your disaster recovery planning by determining how much you can withstand. To do so, you must add up how much loss of each main function will be over a given period. The total for your company could be seconds or days, with 3PL and trucking companies requiring high speed...

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