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 Network Security for 3PL and Trucking Companies - as Featured in the Logistics Journal, November 2016

RenovoData Network Security In November 2016, RenovoData were once again featured in the leading publication from the Transport Intermediaries Association, The Logistics Journal.  The article, written by our own Chuck Cook, provides expert-level detail on Network Security (Simple Concept, Complex Reality) including security-risk lingo (vulnerabilities, threats, breaches, etc), planning a security program, reduction of human error, what to protect, knowing your enemies, and their weapons!  And, of course the importance and value of testing.

Excerpt from the "Know Your Enemies" segment: 

There are two species of villains.
Inside hackers are people who have or have had access to the network. They are likely to be current or former employees and their motives may be grudges, theft, or political mishcief...
Outside hackers possess professional-level skills. Some of these people simply enjoy acts of cyber-vandalism, while others, like perpetrators of ransomware, are after money...

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