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 Why File Sync/Share is Not Endpoint Backup

File sharing is widespread and rapidly becoming “business as usual” for many companies and corporations.  The ability to share files with co-workers increases productivity and ultimately reduces costs.  File sharing is, without a doubt, quick and convenient.

However, file sharing is NOT backup and your employees may be creating corporate data security problems without realizing it.  Sensitive corporate data or intellectual property can make its way to an employee’s mobile endpoint device.  

Not only could that device be lost, stolen or otherwise compromised, but information can easily be changed, overwritten and then synched.  In short, existing sync/share products are not designed to sufficiently secure enterprise endpoint data.

Enterprise endpoint backup creates a secondary copy of data stored on endpoint devices (laptops, desktops and smart phones), making it recoverable should the primary copy of data become corrupted or lost. Ideal endpoint backup solutions should contain the following characteristics:

  • Your cloud-based backup solution will not interrupt users or slow their productivity when backing up data.
  • Your cloud-based backup solution will also de-duplicate data for superior performance and lower bandwidth requirements.
  • Your cloud-based backup solution automatically retain multiple versions of files, so data can be recovered from several previous points in time.
  • Your cloud-based backup solution will support complementary data management initiatives. These may include data migration, mobile data access, data loss prevention and data compliance.

Keep in mind that the percentage of data shared, when compared to an organizations overall data load, is relatively small.  So why would you trust a file sync/share solution to bail you out in the event of data loss or emergency?  The answer, of course, is that you wouldn’t.  

Therefore, it becomes vital for an organization to have a robust backup solution in place to protect ALL of the data. RenovoData’s cloud backup, recovery and restoration solutions provide clients with cost effective, scalable, secure and reliable methods of recovering and restoring data quickly.  The system restores data regardless of location thus allowing business operations to resume seamlessly in the event of a disaster.  

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