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 2014 Year End Review: Cryptolocker

What is CryptoLocker? 

If you are asking that question, then you may be lucky enough not to have been affected by this insidious bit of code.  Put simply, CryptoLocker is a “Trojan Horse” type of malware which quietly creeps through a system capturing key pieces of data and holding it for ransom.  Worse still, it can go undetected for weeks.

CryptoLocker was first detected in September 2013 by Dell SecureWorks.  Like many threats to cyber-security, CryptoLocker could enter a system via an infected email attachment.  That infected email, when accessed on an end-point device, could easily spread through a company’s network.

CryptoLocker would then target specific file extensions (like Microsoft Office documents) and encrypt them. The key to the encryption would be made available to victims once a ransom was paid. The ransom would be paid either via bitcoin or an anonymous cash voucher within a set time frame (72 hours, for example).  Even after paying the ransom, several victims stated that they were not able to recover their data.

Backups to the rescue!

When restoring a system, you would go back to a point in time before the data became corrupted.  Sounds easy enough, right? The biggest challenge when dealing with CryptoLocker, and other similar threats, is that not all of a company’s data is infected at a certain point in time.  Again, CryptoLocker can remain undetected for a month or so and if a backup includes the worm code anywhere, then the system is still infected.  Full recovery from infection then becomes a labor-intensive project. 

Over the past year, RenovoData has participated in recovery efforts for affected clients.  Dedication to superior customer service was absolutely key to our success.  We will continue to be vigilant against any threat to cyber-security.

The Year Ahead…  
RenovoData is excited to continue bringing our clients the best in cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions. We envision 2015 as a year of exponential growth and innovation. We wish the same for our clients and friends!  

If you would like to read more about CryptoLocker and RenovoData solutions, request a copy of our White Paper by clicking here.


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