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Scott Logistics Corp. Case Study

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Customer Overview

Scott Logistics

Scott Logistics Corp. has a 24,000 square foot corporate facility, over 160 employees, and 9 branch locations. Scott Logistics Corp is a one-call source for all personalized aspects of transportation. 


Our CentOS-based VPN server was supposed to be maintaining only the last 10 days of log files and although that setting works correctly in Windows, it was not working in CentOS and the entire drive filled up with logs. When the updates tried to run the server ran out of disk space and failed into a state where the VPN would not run and the backup agent was corrupted. This meant that until it was fixed, none of the remote users could VPN into the 3PL software. Luckily, this happened over a weekend and there were fewer remote users needing access but it was still a serious problem with Monday’s demands looming.    


What stuck with me (Doug Bush, CIO) was the quick response on a Sunday, the excellent customer service and the level of expertise knowledge of the CentOS’s environment  for that particular server are reasons why I would recommend RenovoData to any organization.


We now are backing up File & Database backups and have enhanced server recovery capability to reduce our downtime. Our Data is being backed up safely and securely with RenovoData.

Further Peace of Mind:

We have a very small IT Team at Scott Logistics Corp supporting multiple locations across the country and that team is headed by a consultant that functions as a vCIO for SLC, but also has other clients so having a Data Protection Partner you can rely on is critical. Our IT Team is an expert when it comes to Windows servers, networking, Windows desktops and our 3PL software but is certainly not an expert in backup systems and particularly backups on Linux. RenovoData has been our backup partner for about four years now and in a recent incident was instrumental in resolving a critical Linux server failure. Every time we have needed backup support over the last four years, RenovoData has been there for us.
That provides huge peace of mind!

-- Doug Bush , CIO, Scott Logistics.


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