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Apex Logistics Group Case Study

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Customer Overview


Apex Logistics Group is a 3PL (third-party logistics) company who professionally broker shipments from point A to point B in the most efficient and cost effective way, using only qualified carriers.


To move out of AWS because Apex could not justify the costs they were paying monthly, combined with a lack of performance and a need to have their infrastructure within the company. Garn Penrod, their IT Consultant, researched various tools to move them out of the cloud; however, the majority of them were too costly.  


Apex were introduced to RenovoData and were impressed with the level of the staff’s knowledge plus they were considerably less expensive than other tools to accomplish the same task. Not only did RenovoData’s staff have the technical ability to recover but they also knew how to migrate out of the cloud. Originally Apex were looking at 3 days of downtime but it actually took just 3 hours with RenovoData. 


RenovoData enabled Apex to self-manage the scope and frequency of their backups. The data is backed up when Apex needs it to be and stored offsite with RenovoData. They also take comfort in knowing that RenovoData understands Apex’s specific software applications and not only provide backups, but assist in restoring to those specific applications.

Apex’s environment after the migration out of AWS gave the client “peace of mind” and saved them money.  Arguably most important is that Apex are now able to have complete control of their IT environment by bringing it in-house. 

“Using RenovoData’s solution allowed us to integrate quickly and gave us confidence to use their backup solution if anything unforeseen happened. We did not lose any data. Everything surpassed our expectations.”

The couple of things that really stood out while working with RenovoData was their technical staffs’ knowledge and the range of solutions they offered.

They knew the technical capabilities inside and out, not just how to implement the backup tool, but also the migration tools. The level of knowledge was remarkable and it made the migration possible and successful. The value and RenovoData’s staff is their unique point of difference.

- - Garn Penrod, IT Consultant


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