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data protection iconFor organizations with Recovery Objectives that are measured in minutes, RenovoData’s High Availability Solutions are the answer. Providing peace of mind when problems occur

Cloud or Offsite High Availability Solutions provide data replication tools and WAN optimization to provide resiliency whether the problem comes from a hardware failure, network outage, or disaster. Having a pre-built recovery environment with the ability to failover in seconds or minutes provides real peace of mind to those responsible for system "uptime."

RenovoData has the ability to custom tailor a data replication solution that works for your environment and fits your budget. 

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RenovoData can serve as the replication target for your already existing software, or RenovoData can provide the software, resources and the infrastructure to provide an end-to-end high availability solution.  For the ultimate in server protection whether they are Physical or Virtual Servers, Contact RenovoData today for a free consultation.

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