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top 10 reasons for cloud storage

Top 10 Reasons
to Choose
Cloud Storage

  1. Low cost
  2. Secure & private
  3. Centralized content
  4. Access anytime, anywhere on any device
  5. Infinite storage
  6. Improved file management – fewer duplicates
  7. Automatic synchronization
  8. No user administration
  9. Easy sharing (privately/ communities)
  10. Eradicates need for additional backup


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why renovo data

Why RenovoData


Our backup technology configures software to meet all business operational requirements for backup and restore, all with one single point of backup administration for an entire network, without the limitations of traditional backup solutions. Certified to FIPS 140-2 US government security standard.


We can protect all applications, including Email and Databases, and any Operating System, including Windows, Linus, UNIX, MAC, Novell and IBM. Our products have streamlined the backup process of thousands of companies globally and are scalable to protect data sizes ranging from 250GB to 5PB+.


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what customers say

What Our Customers Say About Us


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The RenovoData team possess a great wealth of knowledge in the all-important areas of critical/strategic backup and recovery.

-- Karl LaBrecque, Data Center Solutions


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RenovoData's genuine ability to comprehend clients' needs coupled with their willingness to accommodate them is just invaluable to us.

-- Miguel Pastrana, IT Consultant


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RenovoData are a full service backup and technology resource.  Their people are multidimensional – they engage in problem solving and look for the best solution for you.

-- John Foster, John N John Truckline


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