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Cloud Backup & Recovery for McLeod Systems & Data   


Automatic Cloud Backup and Recovery for Your McLeod Systems & Data

Whether you’re the largest carrier or the smallest brokerage, your critical systems and data need to be protected. With RenovoData, we help you balance cost with recovery capability.  Service offerings include:

Sleep well with RenovoData’s Recovery Solutions.  With our backup and recovery services, you can have the speed and convenience of local backups along with a spare server waiting to run your application if your primary server fails. In addition to local recovery, you can also have your servers and data backed up to RenovoData’s Recovery Center® to keep you covered in case your entire site is lost. 

With RenovoData, Peace of Mind Comes From:

  • Data Corruption Protection
    • Automatic SQL Database backups with database consistency check prior to each backup.
  • Server Failure Protection
    • Server OS protection for rapid Server Recovery
  • Automatic Document Power® Image Protection
    • IML imaging backups with archiving tools for reduced long term storage costs
  • Notifications
    • You or your technical team are automatically alerted if backup jobs fail or when completed.
  • Support
    • Knowledgeable, US-based support is included!

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