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Intro to the Cloud

intro cloud
intro to the cloud

Why Cloud?

To answer why use cloud?, we should also answer what is cloud computing? When you break it down, cloud computing is a delivery method of providing various units of computing power, software and storage, thus simplifying the way consumers acquire the units of compute they need to achieve their goals.

Now that we’ve given a definition or context for “what” is cloud, the answer to “why” is clear. It’s because using the cloud simplifies things so the user can focus on their own goals instead of how many servers are needed, how many disk drives, how much memory, what RAID configuration the disks need to be configured as, and so on.

Business owners and IT decision makers need the flexibility to “pay as they grow” and at the same time they need reliable, scalable and secure systems that help overcome the challenges of regulatory compliance and data recovery without breaking their budget.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Are the servers and systems getting old at your organization, causing you to look at a technology refresh?
  • Are you looking for a cost effective way to get the benefits of new technology?
  • Do you need better reliability and data resiliency?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, we can help:

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Why Public?

This is the simplest route for most small to mid-sized organizations. Instead of engineering and purchasing new equipment, data center space, and software, consumers of public cloud services can just count the number of seats they need, or provide some basic information to the cloud vendor who will provide the solution to the customer. This saves the customer a great deal of time dealing with all the infrastructure, software and other moving parts required to buy your own equipment. Also, the public cloud solution can usually be scaled up or down with little effort.

Reasons to consider a Public Cloud Solution:

  • Cost Effective;
  • Only pay for what you need;
  • Support is usually included.

Why Private?

For the ultimate in control (regardless of cost) rent or create your own private cloud. If you have your own cloud, you control more aspects of the computing stack which usually translates into a more secure scenario. This is better if you already have your own data centers, manpower, and your disaster recovery plan is in place utilizing these data centers.

Why Hybrid?

Hybrid clouds are a cross between utilizing your own infrastructure and renting someone else’s cloud (whether it’s Software/Infrastructure/Platform as a Service). Many companies are using a hybrid cloud scenario already. Often times there is a legacy system, mission critical software package, or previous investment that they must capitalize or keep in house, but they want to integrate some or all of the “in house” solution into a cloud email, CRM, or other application that is outsourced to someone else’s cloud.

Speak to a Cloud Services Consultant for a free assessment & collaboration session