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 Cloud Backups Are Not Enough: It is the Support Behind the Cloud That Makes the Difference.

Cloud Backups Are Not Enough

When selecting a backup and recovery cloud provider, it’s wise to consider multiple factors, including expense and the level of available services. While cloud backups fulfill the need to get a copy of critical data offsite, a full-service disaster recovery provider can help mitigate damages from a natural disaster, malware, or ransomware attack, and provide additional services to help a business get back to work with minimal downtime. Disaster Recovery providers bring well-qualified experts & offer auxiliary services that often include:

  • Optional emergency hosting for businesses backing up in their cloud. Depending on the provider, companies may have access to a recovered server within hours of a business catastrophe. Can the provider offer emergency hosting if your building is gone or damaged or if your network has been infected and is temporarily unavailable?

  • Recovery Drills and Testing. Regular drills allow responders to practice the appropriate steps to recover critical systems and data. Periodic testing will help ensure emergency planning is sound and that current backup tools are working as intended. The knowledge learned from testing can reduce time and stress during a data loss event. Some providers offer free restore testing. However, more complex drills and testing may be available for additional fees.

  • Experienced support to help assist in recovery. The level of available client support varies widely among cloud recovery providers. It’s wise to fully understand what each backup and recovery provider includes. Some providers have experienced technical support staff to help with projects or incidents that you can leverage for a discounted rate – a strong advantage for organizations with a smaller IT staff. Some providers claim they provide support, but it is limited to email replies or voice access to lower-level staff who read from a script rather than true problem solvers. In a data disaster, this is more frustrating than helpful.

  • Option to develop a DR Plan. If desired, some providers can design a systematic, step-by-step approach to recovery, provide documentation, and work with the customer to develop precise actions required to minimize disruption to operations. The less you leave to chance, the less likely you are to suffer irreparable damage to the company.

Identify a cloud services provider who can provide the appropriate level of support.

The services offered among cloud providers vary greatly. When selecting a provider, inquire about the availability of consulting and support services that may be appropriate for your organization. Some businesses prefer to let their internal IT departments define the action steps to follow after a data event; others would rather rely on a knowledgeable provider who has experience with the challenges of minimizing disruption and restoring full operations after an event.

RenovoData offers a wide spectrum of data protection, disaster recovery solutions and DR Planning to help businesses become more IT resilient. For a free consultation, call us at 1.877.834.3684 or reference our website at www.renovodata.com or email us at info@renovodata.com.


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