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 The “Cheap Tool” or the “Best Tool” for the Job? Your Choice.

Which tool is bestThe cost of server downtime can be overwhelming. To estimate just how expensive it could be for your business, take a moment to calculate your potential losses. You’ve probably taken steps to guard against major hardware failure, but if you’re relying solely on a data backup solution to recover your server, you might be setting yourself up for future problems.

Although file-based backup solutions can go a long way in helping to recover your data and OS files, issues can occur in many ways, such as the introduction of new hardware OS versions or changes in layout.  This is similar to using a bargain-bin crescent wrench when you really need a deep well socket and ratchet!  Sure, the crescent is cheaper and can usually get the job done, but it might not do the job to your satisfaction when you need it most. 

Now’s the time to review your critical apps and servers, and look at the tools you now rely on for recovery. You should determine whether those tools will do the job.

The need to select the right components for every aspect of your backup and recovery processes can’t be overstated, and that means ensuring that all those components are the best choices for your servers and workstations through every stage of their development. With that in mind, let’s focus on one critical area: how to protect servers against the inevitable risks that arise as a result of normal system evolution.

  • The most powerful item in any toolbox is an expertly designed plan. An important but easily overlooked planning element is a method by which such changes are given prompt attention as they are introduced and are examined for the effects they may have on security. 
  • Custom Cloud Backup solutions can effectively deter such problems. The highly flexible Hybrid Cloud combines a company’s own infrastructure with a Cloud system to protect legacy elements, even those outsourced elsewhere.
  • Our Local Disk Backup capabilities effectively backstop vulnerabilities of this kind, especially Backup in a Box, which provides offsite backup with local storage options. Your servers may be open to this kind of failure, but ours are not.
  • The Renovo Recovery Server goes even beyond the Backup in a Box solution, providing the strongest protection for servers. Pristine local copies of backup files, databases and server images safely stored, and you can use server clones until your hardware is restored or replaced. The result is rapid recovery from hardware failure with dramatically reduced downtime.

These are just a few ways we safeguard our customers’ constantly evolving primary hardware.

We’re always available to help analyze and assess your current recovery setup, so contact us at info@renovodata.com, call 1.877.834.3684  or share your challenges with a RenovoData Cloud Services Consultant.


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